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Stillwell Studios is an independent, budget music and podcast studio located in Long Island City, built and operated by members of the film and TV industry for the local and independent artist. At Stillwell Studios, we are passionate about creating and our focus is on helping local and independent creators achieve a big sound in an intimate setting. Our studio is equipped with the latest recording and video tools to help bring your project to life.

  • At Stillwell Studios, we offer a casual, intimate setting in which you'll have access to state-of-the-art recording equipment to let your imagination run wild and creative project come to life. 
Signage & Decor
  • With quality video equipment on-hand, you can turn your recording session into top notch content with multiple cameras for optimized angles, several lighting options, and countless décor possibilities. 
  • We have the latest, industry-standard Shure microphones to easily stand out in a world where sound quality can make or break your project. 
  • Originally and primarily a film/TV prop shop, we offer countless options to decorate the studio, and we create custom signage on-site as add-ons. 
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